toothpick sculpture

Highschool toothpick bridges are so 00′s, now it is all about the recreation of world wonders using those wonderful little wooden sticks. Stan Munro has been working for over six years to create “Toothpick City” a comprehensive city consisting of toothpick versions of world landmarks. So far the construction has consumed over six million toothpicks and 170 liters of glue! Stan has building toothpick bridges and toothpick buildings since grade school when his teacher challenged each student  to build a toothpick sculpture capable of holding an egg. Stan’s toothpick contraption held his desk!

Each of Stans sculptures surpass even the best design for toothpick bridges, even his toothpick bridges are pure art. I’m a huge fan of alternative art mediums, such as shadows and watermelons, so this toothpick art is right up my alley. I hope you enjoy these sculptures as much as I did!

(above) Toothpick St. Patrick’s cathedral in front of the real St. Patrick’s cathedral

Toothpick City

Toothpick City

toothpick bridge Brooklyn toothpick Bridge and toothpick Big Ben

toothpick tower

Aspire toothpick Tower

Toothpick tower

Spinnaker toothpick Tower

Toothpick Tower

Chrysler toothpick Building

Here is another look at the Chrystler building next to the toothpick master craftsman Stan Munro! All of his toothpick sculptures are built at 1:164 scale, meaning that many pieces rise well over six feet in hight!

toothpick Chrysler building view 2

Another look at the toothpick Chrysler building and some others!

London Toothpick Bridge

Tower toothpick Bridge

toothpick building

St. Peter’s toothpick Square

toothpick sculpture

toothpick Taj Mahal

toothpick art

Toothpick Kaaba

toothpick boat

Toothpick Ship

Toothpick Oprah House

Sydney toothpick Opera House

C’est fini, tous les cure-dents de votre appartiennent à nous! But really, all your toothpicks do belong to us…

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