Watermelon Carving Mouth

There is nothing better than watermelon liquor, unless it’s a carved watermelon. Watermelon carving is an art of arts, only the most masterful of artists can rise to the challenge of crafting a screaming mouth, a self portrait, or some Asian shit. Watermelon carvings are truly amazing, there is nothing better than a watermelon centerpiece and thats a fact… unless it’s bacon roses those are  definitely better…

Check out Watermelon Carving pt.2 – flowers after you enjoy this page!

How to Carve a Watermelon Video:

Watermelon Carving Pictures:

baseball watermelon carving

rose watermelon carving

phoenix watermelon carving

watermelon carving

flower watermelon carving

viking watermelon carving

biking watermelon carving

Koala Watermelon Carving

Shark Watermelon Carving

Good News! You can now check out the second epicr watermelon carving post on watermelon flower carvings!

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