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Behold the artwork of Jennifer Maestre, the artist behind some of the most spectacular pencil sculptures you will ever see. Rather than carving the pencils, which is the subject of my “pencil carving art” post, Maestre cuts and sharpens hundreds of colored pencils to create fluid forms. On her website she writes that she was inspired by the fluid shape of sea-anemones, it turns out that fluid shape translates nicely to colored pencil tips.

Each of the pencil sculptures are mind boggling, which is to say that I have no clue how they were made. My suspicion is that there is a wire frame to which the pencils were glued or otherwise affixed. But, regardless each sculpture is a wonder to behold and speaks to the true pencil artist that Jennifer Maestre has become!

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Ni mwisho wa dunia, wakati wa mwisho, pia ni mwisho wa post hii!

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