alphabet pencil carving

I am pleased to present you with yet another post on pencil carving art! If you haven’t seen my last post on pencil carving art definitely check it out! I am a fan of bizarre art, if you take a look in the offbeat category you will find such gems as watermelon carving to toothpick sculpting, but this strange phenomenon called pencil carving really takes the cake. The above picture is my favorite instance of pencil lead carving, just the fact that each of those letters are individually recognizable is a feat for the ages.

The art of carving pencil lead requires a steady hand and a sharp scalpel, well really just a sharp scalpel, and endurance. Currently, pencil carving is something of a neglected medium, children aren’t even being thought to whittle those pencils in art class, and pencils and scalpels are about all schools have money for now-a-days! However, as any true pencil connoisseur will know the one true master of the art is Dalton Ghetti (does anyone know if he has a web site for linking purposes?), who carved all the below pencil sculptures!

I hope you enjoy these fine examples of pencil artistry! Each is sculpture is carved from a single pencil. One lone pencil against the world, in its quest for fame and entitlement… but really that is off topic. Enjoy!

pencil heart carvinggirl pencil carvingpencil boot carvingPencil Lead Carvingspencil Chain Carving

pencil lead carvingpencil carving

Oh wow, it looks like you enjoyed the crap out of those carvings. Good Job! Congratdulations! Vaireee Niiiice!

Oh jo, që është në fund!

If you enjoyed this article you will almost definitely have the capacity to enjoy my first post on pencil carving! Also, you will almost certainly enjoy the follow up to this post 5 more pencil lead carvings!

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