terrible car mod

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the typical car snob. Hell, it is all about the 1991 legacy, but even some cars don’t meet my excessively large expectations. I like racing stripes, spoilers, and reflectors as much as the next guy, but some car modifications just go to far!

monster truck civic modIf this was a legacy and not a civic I definitely would not have included it in this worst car mod list, but a civic with such huge wheels?! that is just insane.

terrible box car

While tanks are cool and cardboard is cool, but cardboard tank cars are so 2009…

terrible cheap car mod

At least you wont get hit by bicycles right… oh wait is that how reflectors work?

card board car


worst car mod

Duct tape racing stripes, duct tape hood thing, duct tape turbo, duct tape everything!

wood panel car

Wood paneling, now that is a car modification I can stand behind… as I push the car into a ravine…

worst spoiler mod

The spoiler isn’t so bad, but that exhaust job is something else.

hummer worst mod

The next time your girl friend (or I suppose you if you said girl friend) suggests a horse drawn carriage just go for a ride in your tricked out hummer.

terrible spoiler

If I had a nickel for every thing wrong in this picture I would have 27 nickels or half of what it costs to take the bus…

Honestly, I love this!

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