I’m a geek, or a nerd, which ever is the sheik ”in” word for loving to putter around the internet. I regularly check a handful of web comics, some of them are on this list (wooh). Anyhow, I’ve come across a lot of great web comics in my time and have decided to compile a list of the best geek web comics, for your enjoyment. I decided not to upload pictures (other than the above comic from XKCD) because I feel it is better for you to go right to the source.

So here we go! In no particular order the best geeky web comics are (this is of course completely subjective):


Cyanide and Happiness


Penny Arcade

Real Life Comics

Abstruse Goose

Ctrl + Alt + Del


Geek Hero

Geek and Poke

Joy of Tech

Well, I’m almost certain there are more, if you know of any good ones please leave a comment and I can add them to this list (given I enjoy them).

But for now this has been my completely exhaustive list of the best geeky web comics!

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