These drawings were done as part of a CIA experiment aimed at determining the effects of LSD on the human body. The drawings are incredibly fascinating, particularly due to the progression of style that occurs throughout the experiment.  They administered 100ul of LSD to the artist and gave the artist free access to an activity box full of crayons. His subject was the medical assistant who administered the LSD.

1. Minute: 0 – Yep this is the control

LSD drawing 1

2. Minute: 85 – Artist claims to be seeing much more clearly, but is having a hard time stopping the crayon.

LSD drawing 2

3. Minute: 150 – Artist describes his drawing as changing color and that his consciousness is situated in his hand.

LSD drawing 3

4. Minute: 152 – Artist is having a hard time distinguishing the lines on the paper, as they are warping before his eyes.

LSD drawing 4

5. Minute: 155 – Attempts to draw picture in one stroke, breaks down laughing afterwards.

LSD drawing 5

6. Minute: 165 – Artist no longer vocalizes his thoughts and mumbles nonsensical phrases.

LSD drawing 6

7. Minute: 265 – Artist predicts that this will be his best drawing yet. Then continues to repeat the phrase “I know.” Then begins the run around the room.

LSD drawing 7

8. Minute: 345 – Artist reports that he is getting back to normal now that he can feel his legs again, but the pencil (crayon) remains hard to hold.

LSD drawing 8

9. Minute: 480 – Artist reports that he is no longer feeling the effects of the LSD and that he would like to go home.

LSD drawing 9


I particularly enjoy how from minutes 150 – 155 his drawings become far worse, then all of a sudden he is amazing.

What are your thoughts?

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