Sharpie Mural

I’m not sure how this is the first time I have seen this piece of truly amazing pop art, but here it is, the Nobumasa masterpiece. These shots are from 2006 (hence my surprise at not having seen it until now) so hopefully they are new to you. Nobumasa worked with Space Force, Japan, to create this sharpie mural.

Basically, guest artists were given free range on this wall (as you can see they drew a lot of random stuff) and Nobumasa filled it in with all those fine details.

But, you don’t have to listen to me blabber on here are the pictures of the sharpie mural (the picture of the complete sharpie mural is at the bottom of the post):

sharpie muralSharpie Muralsharpie muralSharpie Muralsharpie muralsharpie mural

full sharpie mural

Click for full sharpie mural

Well, I for one think this sharpie mural is an incredible piece of art work. I would love to hear what you think!

via: pingmag

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