3d street art chalk

Recently, I wrote a blog post on 3d chalk street art, which included the above picture, and today I came across a time-lapse video of the artist in action making the above 3d chalk street art! Frankly, this perspective street art is amazing, it is a shame that more 3d street art artists don’t exist because it is such a unique way to pull the audience into the fun and creativity of the art.

But that is enough of me rambling, more after the videos, but for now, enjoy the feature presentation:

The pavement Picasso, 3d chalk art:

3D pavement art – Mitchell Library:

Blur Street Art Timelapse, Hackney, London:

The Crevasse – Making of 3D Street Art

Spectacular! 3d street art accomplishes so many of the goals that artists set out to accomplish when creating art. The street art engages the viewers and makes them wonder. The blur time lapse is the perfect example of how this kind of 3d street art can challenge the viewer to imagine different worlds by offering a very physical window into the artists mind. Or the chasm which shows how interactive art can become. Street art, particularly 3d street art (because it is my favorite) has so much to offer and hopefully it becomes more wide spread.

What did you think of the 3d street art time-lapse videos?

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