tape web art

So, you’re an art student and due to a shipping error you receive over 100 pounds of shipping tape. What do you do with that tape? Well, it should be obvious, build a huge shipping tape spider web!

The tape web was on display in June 2010 at the Odeon, an old stock exchange building in Vienna, and used 117,000 feet of shipping tape! The tape web art is intended to represent the choreography of dance, and how a dancer morphs her body into exquisite beauty.

This kind of epic scale art is no stranger to the design team, who are all veteran set designers with the design collective For Use/Numen which works with many foreign films.

The group has already been contacted by a number of interested parties who want to exhibit the tape spider web. Hopefully, this tape spider web craze really picks up and a new genre of art is born.

Now enjoy some tape spider web pictures! (Video of how it was made at the bottom)

tape web arttape web arttape web art

Tape Web Video:

tape web art

Via: FastCompany and 2dayblog

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