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Hiro III

With 15 independent motors controlling the movement of your hand. The Hiro III allows the user to interact with virtual objects. Just watch the Video!

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Mmmm….. Japan

I hope this is a new fad and soon all Japanese people will stand around dressed as Totoro! Just imagine, hundreds of thousands of people milling round Tokyo all dressed in giant fluff ball costumes. Stranger things have happened…

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The Five Best Robot Butlers You Could Have NOW … or at least in ten years!!!

You want a butler robot, admit it, there is nothing better than being babied by those nice cold robot pincers. Lay back and grab a beer while you fantasize about  your own personal robot butler, you can even name him Hal. 5. Home Made Butler Bots: Beer toting, wheel mounted, mini fridges catering to your every thirsty need. There are numerous homemade butlers around, [...]

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Mmmm…. Japan
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