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The Literal Meme

Do I Hate You?: I can’t stand when people pronounce meme “me-me” it literally makes me want to punch myself in the kidneys, both of them. The proper pronunciation (not that I’m a grammar freak, or even decent with grammar) is “mi-m/” which rhymes with cream and beam. However, glaring at people who say “me-me” got me thinking, “Literally, what is a  meme?” And let me [...]

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Five Misconceptions That Blew My Mind!

These are five misconceptions that I totally believed, and maybe you believe. Thanks wikipedia for enlightening my mind, and breaking my brain. 1. Even Einstein Had Bad Grades. Contrary to popular belief  Einstein was teaching himself calculus at age twelve, and acing all his science and math tests.  He continued his brilliant grades through college. The myth likely comes from a misunderstanding of the German grading system that gives students a rank [...]

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Scariest Spider/Crab Thing in Existence

Admired for their strength and size, coconut crabs are just incredible. Without further ado here is a list of epic feats! 1.They are the monkeys of the crustaceans! Coconut crabs both scavenge fallen coconuts and fruit from the ground, but during the growing season, when fallen fruit is hard to come by, they scales trees to find the fruit. This of course means they can easily climb buildings [...]

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