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Best of Yahoo Answer Fails

Many of these are just incredibly ridiculous. People just ask the darnedest things on yahoo answers. Even better are the witty answers that always seem to rise to the top of the voting. So, here are some of my favorite Yahoo Answers!

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The Best Google Searches

When I was stumbling the other day, I came across a hilarious mashable blog post on funny google searches and thought I can do that, and possibly even worse! Or better, its been over a day so I’ve forgotten by now. I’ve already posted two humorous searches, but they are so fun so more it is! Anyhow here it goes! MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! 1. Funny Google searches… Good old Chuck [...]

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10 Hilariously Misspelled Signs

See if you can spot all the misspelled words! Some of these might be hard to find, I’ve included a numbered list of the words at the bottom of the post. (Ironically, when I first checked this post the ad on the right had a misspelling =P ) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.6. 7.  8. 9.  10. 1. Moto 2. [...]

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Lol Bunnies, Its a new trend… or not

In the last three or so years pictures of cats have evolved not lol cats to lol cats, every cat picture on the internet is a damn lol cat. NOW INTRODUCING THE NEXT BEST THING… LOL BUNNIES Tell me you don’y love these little guys, they are so adorable.

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