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Jaw Dropping Ted Demo

This is a truly amazing piece of technology. It looks like it has some incredible functionality. One can zoom about the known universe, observing planet , star, and fly space whats-it names, while having the ability to pull up detailed information on orbits and interesting factoids.  I hope to get a chance to play around with it in the future.

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Hulu Plus No Thanks… For now

There has been much speculation over when Hulu would adopt a payed subscription model. Frankly, it had to happen sooner or later, and it just happens it is sooner. Why? Why would Hulu favor a payed model? Well thats an easy one. Mo Money = Mo Fun for Hulu. I don’t mind that Hulu is trying to milk us for [...]

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Five Epic Robots and a Cyborg

Robots are the future… I just hope my robot butler doesn’t try to take over the world. Starfish: The mechanics behind this robot are simple, a torso and four legs, but the software is truly an epic feat. The brilliant minds at Cornell wrote this software as an experiment in locomotion, specifically to emulate how animals learn to move (and humans if you are [...]

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